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You will receive a variety of produce on a bi-weekly basis with enough servings to feed you and another for 7-10 days (every 2 weeks). This is perfect for 1-2 people. You will pre-pay $30 per month.You can either pick up from the farm or have it delivered to you. The items received will change seasonally, please let us know below if you have any allergies.

You will receive an email with additional info, Thank you!

CSA Small Share

$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
$5 Discount Applies until April 14th with a Pre-Paid Subscription, CSA Delivery Will Start Mid/Late May
  • These products may not look exactly like store-bought produce. These products are handled and packaged with care, with health and safety in mind. So as to not damage the product some produce may be dirty or muddy upon receiving. 

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