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The Legacy Trail of Nanny's Land and GreeneLanding

GreeneLanding owned & operated by: JoJuana Leavell-Greene

Nanny's Land owned by: Della Mae (Huggins) Greene 

Managed by: James and JoJuana Leavell-Greene 

Operated by: Greene Family Members 

The Legacy begun at GreeneLanding - 662 Caden Lane , a Hamlet in Cadentown, Lexington, KY.  Early Spring 2020, during the pandemic the Greene Family started on a journey of the soil. GreeneLanding USDA Farm 327 broke ground and tilled up an approx. 80' x 20' plot for planting and growing in Fayette County. The success of GreeneLanding, Farm 327 turned into a large experimental garden and summer student camp, inspired grandson, James Leavell-Greene pulled the family together and discussion started in Fall 2020 with Nanny.

Della "Nanny" Mae Greene has owned her land since 1972. Before she bought it, most of the land was used for growing tobacco, and down the road her parents lived, and they had some farm animals and their own little garden. 

Nanny's Land, LLC is USDA Farm 1085 sitting on approx. nine (9) acres in Anderson County, Lawrenceburg, KY. It is managed by mother and son team, JoJuana and James, as a small-scale farm, along with help from Family Members and Della Greene.

In early Spring 2021, they broke ground and tilled up an approx. 75' x 55' plot to plant and grow crops and flowers. It is Kentucky Proud, HBM and PSA certified. Nanny's Land had several raised beds with Easter Radishes, Bolder Beets, Cilantro, Red and Basil, and an incubator bed to germinate seeds to plant. The family is also growing corn, tomatoes, green beans, cabbage, mixed greens, peppers, sunflowers, zinnias, and much more! JoJuana is also experimenting; she has brought 10 banana trees from her mother's estate in Rome, Georgia and they are growing well at both locations. 

In 2022, JoJuana registered land belonging to her side of the family in Hopkinsville, KY off Durrett Ave. She plans on doing business on this land as "LeaPoll PEaZE PlaZE". GreeneLanding holds a PSA (Produce Safety Alliance) and Homebased Microprocessors (HBM) certifications.


Kentucky State University Department of Agriculture (Mr. Chavious), Ashley Smith and Trevor Claiborn of Black Soil KY have been great friends of Nanny's Land and GreeneLanding.

GreeneLanding continues to grow, Season 2023, Raised Beds and Flowers Fields were added to the sites.  Season 2024, we hoping to add grape vineyard to the  Cadentown location.

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"Where Families Experiment with & Learn about the Land!"

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"Where Families Make Memories!"

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